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Celebrating 13 Years Of Service

It's been 13 years since Wendi first served food out of her mobile kitchen or "Wagon" and we're very thankful for the growth we have experienced every since.  Our customers are very important to us!  We look forward to serving you for many more years to come. 


Wendi's Story

Ever since I was a young girl, I have always had a passion for comfort food. This was the case from toasting marshmallows when I was two years old to grilling out as a teenager in a large family, and even to working food service jobs growing up. When you are used to such a big family in a small house, you learn to live off the land and the food that it blesses you with.

Much of what I learned about catering came from my twelve years working at the Longaberger Company. Having worked in multiple positions, eventually I took over their banquet and catering facility, which taught me food cost and how to manage an event from beginning to end. It was truly a working education. Not long after that work I came to Columbus and worked for Applebee’s, which taught me more about how to do high volume in a fast pace.

After a few years, I needed a break and stepped back for a few months. Then I ran into Mary Lou Callander.

Mary Lou knew me from my days at Longaberger; she actually sold baskets for them I had originally met her there. When I was doing a baby shower for a friend of mine, she recognized me and asked me what I was doing. I told her I was taking a break from everything and was cleaning apartments. She was disappointed to hear that I was not catering, because I loved it and did it well. Before I knew it, Mary Lou had me doing events at her home and also at the Thirsty Turtle (she owned it at the time). Also, I began operating a mobile concession stand selling all kinds of dishes and sandwiches. It was a huge success!

When I asked Mary Lou what I should name my business, I’ll never forget her response: “Duh? Wendi’s Wagon!” With my last name being Wagner with a mobile unit, to her it was a no-brainer! Mary Lou believed in me, and I would not be here today if it were not for her.

More catering projects with some new clients began to open up. On one day, we fed 1,200 people three different meals in two locations in less than twelve hours. It wasn’t long after that I was introduced to Kevin Gorham from the Pizza Cottage, who built a dream kitchen in Buckeye Lake. It was part of an operation that was closed down, and it was perfect for our needs, despite the distance from Columbus. We spent a lot of time on the road.

When the economy took a hit in 2009, it impacted the catering business. That’s when we decided to open the carry-out restaurant out of our operations center at Buckeye Lake. From that point on we slowly started picking up more corporate clients, in addition to private events such as weddings and parties. But we also knew that we needed a more central location.

I was introduced to Chip Brooks at Old 40 Tavern in Bexley, and we helped them get their kitchen up and running while still catering events. The catering just kept growing and growing and no advertising whatsoever. Not long after, the opportunity to partner in opening up a full kitchen for catering production and carry-out services. With a great acquisition of the kitchen equipment from Kevin Gorham in Buckeye Lake, and some major expansion and renovation, we are pleased to offer true, comfort food from Wendi’s Kitchen, made from only the freshest ingredients.

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Off-Site Catering

Prepared in our kitchen especially for you and delivered fresh to your location. Choose from one of our menus or call Wendi and let her help you choose the perfect food for any occasion.

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Our carry-out menu offers an appealing alternative to fast food. Sure, we have your standard favorites but there is oh so much more than burgers & fries. See our weekly specials.

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11 years into service and we’ve worked with some awesome clients who love us and our services. Check what they have to say about us.

“I have been using Wendi’s Kitchen for our safety council and staff meetings, and every time the food is great quality with outstanding service. Wendi is always accessible and easy to get a hold of. The hearty home-style cooking goes over great with our line men, and I always get compliments and it makes our meetings more successful!”

—Danielle Jackson
AEP Ohio


“We have various events throughout the year, whether it is to reward our workers for safety excellence or to bring in corporate executives from out of town…and every time we use Wendi’s Kitchen for our catering. No matter what I ask, we always have plenty of great food and everybody is in awe by the layout. It adds to the success of our meetings and our overall success as an operation. Everyone here loves Wendi and her staff–they fit right in! We will always use Wendi’s Kitchen!”

—Connie Dillon
DB Schenker / Kraft Foods

“Wendi’s Kitchen catered my daughter’s graduation party, and it was outstanding. Their food is to die for, there is always plenty of it and the prices are really reasonable. We held the event in the Buckeye Dining Room at the Turtle, and Wendi even went out of their way to place a welcome banner in my daughter’s honor. The personality and warmth from her and her staff are unmatched. I recommend Wendi’s Kitchen for catering every chance I get.”

—Linda Loggins

“I have used Wendi’s kitchen for about seven years for breakfast and lunch events with my clients. Their outstanding quality and reliability let’s me know that the catering is taken care of, so I can concentrate on meeting the needs of my clients. I strongly recommend her!”

—Konnie Newland
Pharmaceutical Representative

“I have known and been recommending Wendi to friends and acquaintances for years with much fan fair. Throughout that time, she has always gone above and beyond to exceed her client’s expectations. She never turns down a challenge. For example, it was finally time for her to perform at my own wedding, but our venue had no kitchen, with 287 people to feed. She pulled it off and everyone raved about the food making it all a memorable success. I am her biggest fan!”

—Maggie Marcinko